International Rights
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International Rights

  Minoas Publications has been bringing the best in children's books, fiction and non-fiction literature since 1952.

  For more than fifty years, Minoas has been consistent in publishing quality children's books featuring the most original characters, Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse Club house, Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, Forever Friends being some of them.

  Along with the childrens titles, a field in which we are the most prominent publishing house, we have also launched parenting, child care and self-help books, offering titles on every subject a parent needs to know about when it comes to these serious and sensitive matters.

  During the last few years we have launched our literature series, publishing works of classic, as well as contemporary authors. Along with Greek contemporary authors, we have translated various foreign writers, such as Jane Austen, Arthur Conan Doyle, Catherine O Flynn (Costa newcomer of the year 2007, Waterstones newcomer of the year 2007, Jelf Group Award), Kiran Desai (Man Booker International 2006), Susan Fletcher (Whitbread First Novel Award 2004), Andrea Levy (Orange Prize for Fiction 2004, Commonwealth 2005), Gillian Bradshaw (Alex award 2002, Hopwood award for fiction 1997).

  We invite you to explore the amazing world of literature!